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Become Patty's Sponsor

Become Patty's Sponsor

Miss Patty Pig is an older gal.  She escaped a backyard slaughterhouse and the terrible end she faced there.  The neighbors house she escaped to knew this brave girl wanted to live and helped get her to safety here at Pebble Ranch.  She enjoys the company of her piggy friends, but also enjoys time on her own.  Patty likes to rearrange the blankets in her house, making it comfy and warm each night.  We are so happy she has the opportunity to live her life with us.

Patty is looking for a monthly or annual sponsor who will cover his food and medication needs. Please consider becoming Patty’s “virtual adoptive parents.” 

    Price Options
    Monthly Support
    $35.00every month until canceled
    Annual Support
    $410.00every year until canceled
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